List Item#17: See the Peter Pan Statue in Person

#17 Cover

Number 17 on my Lifetime To Do List is to see the Peter Pan statue in person (in Kensington Gardens).  Like most children growing up, I was absolutely obsessed with the story of Peter Pan, mainly introduced by Disney’s animated version.  I was such a foolish little girl with this story.  (I think I actually had a little crush, before I knew what that was, on the cartoon version of him!)  I remember watching the movie constantly and thinking that I want to fly away to Neverland.  I want to fly around with Peter, I want to fight pirates with him, I want to rest on a cloud, I wanted to move that hands on “Big Ben,” I wanted to take of The Lost Boys, and I wanted to sail away on Captain Hook’s ship after Peter took.  I’m honestly not a jealous person by nature, I may secretly wish I had something someone else had, but then I turned those feelings into “how can I get my own version of that.”  However, I was EXTREMELY jealous of Tiger Lily, when she nuzzled him, and Wendy, for having his attention.  I related too much (for my own good) with Tinkerbell.

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List Item #1: Visit England


Like most little girls, one of my dreams growing up was to visit England.  When I started my Lifetime To Do List, I knew England would be the first item!  I blame my obsessions with Disney’s Peter Pan as the root to this addiction.  I got to visit England in August 2010 for just about 2 weeks.  I got to stay with friends and they showed me around.  I appreciate this gesture because I save money (no hotel) and get to see more than the typical tourist lifestyle.  I got to see York, Whitby, Oxford, and spent an entire day just walking around London.  I stayed in Kent and Milton Keynes for the most part, then a few days in Doncaster.  I don’t think I got to spend enough time there to see all that I want to see!  I’d love to go back and visit soon.  There’s so much to see!

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List Item #12: See Snow Fall From the Sky

Stephanie in Snow!

List Item #12: See snow fall from the sky.  I was a military brat growing up and I was fortunate to live in Hawaii for 7 years then move to Florida, and I have been here ever since.  (I also lived in Maryland and Japan, but that was before I was 5 years old.  I definitely don’t remember it at all.)  Needless to say, I’m that creature that needs the warmth and craves it.  However, there are things that I wish I was able to experience growing up.  The major experience?  Snow!

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