Farmer’s Market

01 Farmers Market

Last weekend I went to my first Farmer’s Market trip ever.  BOY! I’ve been missing out!  I usually just go to the grocery store down the street, but after living on my own I realized food is expensive.  Especially fruits and vegetables, which also means it can get pricey when I’m eating healthy.  Bring in the Farmer’s Market, much more affordable produce!  $6 I got bananas, blueberries, and a bunch of grapes.  Normally the blueberries in the grocery store would cost about $5 on it’s own. I will definitely have to make it a habit to go down there regularly.

03 Farmers Market

08 Farmers Market

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06 Farmers Market
02 Farmers Market
07 Farmers Market

Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves!

Some of my favorite days here in Florida is being able to go to Disney whenever I want.  I’ve had an annual pass for the past two years at about $200-$350 for a 1-year pass.  A normal 1 Day, 1 Park pass is $90 + tax, and I go several times a month.  Definitely a good investment for me and I’ve more than paid for it, plus my pass has free parking.  It’s interesting because you’d think that I’ve been their so much that I’ve done everything and have seen everything.  NOPE!  Last weekend we checked out “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” for the first time!  Yeah, it’s meant for the little one, but we crawled around in small walkways and got lost in the dark.  They really do make you feel like you’re lost in the backyard, just like the movie.  Disney days are some of my favorites!

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