Visiting Melbourne, VIC, Trip #2


I was fortunate enough to visit my friend who lives in Melbourne, VIC, Australia for the second time.  This time I got 3 straight weeks with her.  It was lovely seeing the city all over again.  I pretty much saw everything we did last time, but we definitely got more time to take it all in. It was awesome because my friend took all my pictures for me and she has a great eye! It’s a beautiful city with so much culture.  Here are some pictures when we got to go up the Skydeck and see the city (again).

melbourne2 melbourne3 melbourne4

Have you been to Melbourne?  Any city in the world you love to enjoy seeing over and over again?

Summer (Vacation) is Slowly Coming to an End.


I arrived back from Australia about a week ago and I’ve finally unpacked everything and got around uploading pictures to my computer.  Quick Recap: amazing, cold, new friends, great sites, fun road trips, surprise trip to Bali, and so much more! Make sure to stayed tuned for individual posts of different experiences/sites! (Quick Preview: Sydney Harbour Bridge/Opera House, Great Ocean Road (both times), Hoiser Lane, Bali, & more!)

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How was your summer?  What have you been up to/got to experience?
I’d love to hear about your summer!