Everyday Ephee is a blog that was inspired by a personal “Lifetime To Do List.”  It was set up to introduce the list and document the items on the list after they’ve been experienced.  I’d like to share the list and all the experiences from it in hopes to inspire you as it has inspired me.  I used to stick to my comfort zone and didn’t know what life has to offer, even if it is something minor.  The list was made to experience more of life and to motivate myself to take a chance outside my comfort zone. The blog has evolved to also show inspiration as it comes about and to continue to keep sharing.  There are so many things that life has to offer and others don’t know about.

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I’m an Elementary School teacher who really enjoys working with her students to achieve their academic goals.  I love using all my creative outlets in the classroom and for this blog.  I adore doodling, spending days at Disney World, sending crafty snail mail, polaroids, and more!  I live in Florida, but I grew up in Hawaii as an “Air Force Brat.”  I crave the sunshine and always love having it in my eyes.  I love seeing new places, especially from the non-tourist point of view. I love when I have a personal guide to show me around and try finding the local hot spots on my own.  My favorite country to visit is Australia!  ♥  I love meeting and getting to know new people from all over the world!