Rubber Stamps!

List of Things to Try: Custom Rubber Stamps.  There are several things on my list to get ready for my classroom next year.  (Mainly little things to tie the classroom together.)  The theme for my class is “Fishin’ for Knowledge.”  The underwater theme can easily be incorporated with everything.  One of the things I wanted to try and make for the class was a custom rubber stamp.  I stamp planners everyday as part of home-school communication.  It didn’t take too long and was fun to do.

First off, I looked around online of what I would need, tips, suggestions, and where to find items.  I found this tutorial, courtesy of Minna May, the most useful.  (You may have seen this floating around on Pinterest.)

I doodled a couple times to see how I would like my stamp to look like, then I traced over it with tracing paper.  The original idea was to have my name in the fish, so everyone knows it came from me.  But for this being my first custom stamp, I found it too frustrating for my impatient self.  I changed my mind and carved out the inside entirely.

 I rubbed the tracing paper into my Speedball Speedy-Carve (pink) sheet. I got my Speedball Carving tool ready.  I used the skinniest tool to outline the stamp, then grabbed a deeper tool to start carving everything away.  I alternated between both of them.

This is the final result.  It’s not the neatest/cleanest, but I actually like it.  I don’t know if I’ll use this one in my classroom, but it’ll be a good substitute until I can carve a better one.
The materials I used:
1. Tracing Paper
2. Speedball Lino Cuter Assortment
3. Speedbal Speedy-Carve
4. Exacto knife
5. Black Ink Pad
I got all my materials at Micheals, but they can also be found at other Art Supply/Craft stores.  Make sure you look in the “printmaking” section, NOT the stamps area.  I made that mistake the first time, be the amateur I am.  The printmaking section in the Micheals near me was within the painting/canvas sections.