Sydney, Australia

sydney-01Sydney is probably the one of the most popular places when you think of Australia.  I didn’t get a chance to visit it during my first trip, so my friend and I made sure to add some more to our to-do list.  We spent 2 days driving up from Melbourne in the chilly weather.  Seemed quite perfect because the day we had to spend exploring the city was the PERFECT weather!  It was bright and sunny with a slight breeze to keep us cool.  Most of the day was spent at the Taronga Zoo, then we made our way around the harbor for pictures of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House.  I loved the little area for seating and drinking to hang out with friends.  (Probably a little expensive for my taste because I don’t drink much and it’s like double the prices of here in America.)  It was a great atmosphere!  Check out all the pictures!

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Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia


With my second trip to visit my lovely friend in Melbourne, VIC, we decided we had to do something new for us this trip.  I suggested a trip to Sydney since it is one of the more popular “tourist” spots.  One of the big things we got to do is visit their zoo.  (She felt it would be much better than the zoo in Melbourne.)  It was completely massive!  We didn’t get to thoroughly see everything they had to offer at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney.  What I loved about this zoo that I didn’t get to experience in other zoos is the enclosed structures that you can walk through with the animals.  I got to get so close to the kangaroos and emus! We also decided to splurge a bit and get to take a picture with a koala! You get a picture with it and get to take your own pictures as well.  Definitely a well spent experience for me!

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Pie Face


Let’s talk about the  BEST place to get a pie.  Pie Face is this yummy place to get veggie/meat pies, sweets, and more.  I’m ALL about the veggie pie there!  It’s full of flavor and easy to eat on the go, especially if you’re spending the day walking around the city like I did.  This is mainly in Australia, I think more on the eastern side.  But… they finally put one in New York City!  A little closer, but not close enough for me. The first thing I ate when I got back into Australia the second time was eat Pie Face for brekky!